Promotion Codes for Drive Share

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Instead of standing on the side of the street trying to hail a cab, many people today are merely taking out their smartphones and ordering a ride through that. This has been made possible by the drive share companies like Uber and LYFT who provide apps for smart phones that can make this possible. Once someone has the app downloaded onto their smartphone, all they have to do then; is state where and when they want picking up and where they want dropping off and the rest is done for them using the best lyft promo codes discount. The app will then contact all the drivers that have the same app and will advise them of the request, which is always taken up by one of the drivers. These drive share companies have a lot of drivers working for them and so are never short of people to offer the lifts but they keep recruiting more.

The reason why these companies can have so many drivers is because they accept anyone who wants to make a little extra money and has a valid driver’s licence and the app. many drivers of course like to become drivers for these companies as it offers them the opportunity to earn as much as $35 per hour and yet they have no boss. By saying they have no boss, I mean they have no set hours which they have to work, they can just work whatever hours they please and they do not even have to accept every trip offered them, they are free to choose which trips they accept. Of course there are incentives for them to work more hours as if they work more than a certain number in any one 30 day period, they could receive bonuses that can range from $50 to $500, depending on just what hours they do work.

With the freedom to choose just when and where they work, the drivers for drive share companies are happy and so it would seem are many of their passengers. Many of the passengers would probably have taken advantage of the promotions offered, perhaps use use lyft promo code which entitled them to a free first ride but once they had used that free ride, they were contented enough to continue to use the company even though they had to pay fares after that. The app certainly offers any passenger convenience and an added convenience is that the passenger never has to pay cash, as fares are always paid by debit or credit card, through the app. No cash is given to the driver as the fare, they will be paid later by the drive share company.

The only people that do not seem to be happy with the drive share companies are the taxi drivers in the areas where they operate, as they are continuing to lose customers to them at an ever increasing rate. Although some taxi companies have asked that drive share practices be looked into, because of their popularity local authorities are unlikely to take any action any time soon.