Guidance for Winning a Girlfriend Back

Winning a girlfriend back is not an easy thing to do and so if that is what you have decided to do, you will probably need all the advice you can get. Fortunately, there are several websites like which have been specifically designed for that exact same purpose; giving advice to guys who want to win back an ex.

Most of the sites that do give advice on getting an ex back agree that it is not always an easy thing to do and is probably easier to win a new girlfriend that it is to win an old one back. Some may even advise you to be sure that getting her back is what you want and that if you only want them back as you are missing the female company, suggest you just find another girl instead. Anyway, most of the sites will probably give several different steps you should take in order to win her back, depending on the reason why they left will determine which set of steps you follow.

Usually these steps are meant for guys whose girlfriends dumped them rather than for guys who dumped their girlfriend and so if you are one of the latter, you may just have to think of your own steps but at least then though, you know the reason why you dumped her and so it should be a little easier to fix.
Knowing why a girlfriend dumped you is often the hardest part of getting them to make up with you again as in all too many instances, the real reason why they dumped you is not the one they stated and so you must do some soul searching in order to determine the right reason. Armed with the true reason for the break-up, you should be able to determine which of the website’s steps you should take in order to reach success in winning your ex back but following the steps, one by one is probably the best way.

The reason why you should stop and seek advice is that for most of us the natural instinct is to just go and beg them to return but that, according to experts is exactly what you shouldn’t do. The experts have carried out research and found out that when a guy begs an ex-girlfriend to come back to them, even if the begging does work, the renewed relationship does not last and they have determined that this is because when a guy begs, a girl sees it as a sign of weakness and loses respect for the man. The reason why they did return to the guy after being begged to do had usually be based on sympathy and no sympathy lasts long and so neither will the relationship. The experts also advise that you should not stalk the girl as this causes the girl a kind of discomfort which she would never be able to forgive and so is counter-productive.