Buying a Camera

oxygen-studios DSLR camera

Today although nearly everybody has a camera in their cellphone, DSLR cameras are still being sold and if you want to buy one, you should review the different ones available to ensure that you get the one which is best suited for what you intend to use it for. One of the better cameras available today is the Sony A6000 and if you visit the website for it you will see why. It has its own specially designed lenses for use with the camera and that alone is probably a good enough reason to buy one. These lens are designed so that they do not need mirrors and many people think this makes them better than the older, more traditional lenses. Enough people think they are better to warrant Sony making an adapter so they can be fitted to other cameras which allows other photographers to take advantage of the technology without the need to necessarily buy the A6000 camera itself. Obviously though, as the lenses were specifically designed for the A6000, they probably are better if used with it.

Some people may think that with the ease and speed that a cellphone camera can be used, what need is there anymore for a DSLR camera but those that do, do not know much, if anything about photography. It is true that today there are probably many more photos taken with cellphone cameras than with the more traditional cameras but they are really only snap shots and not proper, professional quality photographs. The reason why so many photos are taken with cellphones is because of their convenience. Most people will usually have their cellphone with them on most occasions and so when something unexpected happens, providing an impromptu photo op, their camera is readily available to capture the moment. However, whenever that same person requires a quality photograph, perhaps at a wedding or at a graduation, they will still hire a professional photographer with their professional camera to capture that planned special moment, ensuring that the moment is captured in true quality.

It is not the fault of the photographer that a photograph taken with a cellphone camera is not of the same quality as a professional’s photo rather it is the fact that the cellphone camera is too small to provide real quality shots. Due to the required small size of the cellphone camera, it can only have one lens and that is certainly not ideal for every situation although people will often use it for any situation. Secondly, again due to the small size of the cellphone camera, its sensor cannot be large enough to get a full and complete assessment of all the light in any given setting. This can be seen when a flash on a cellphone will automatically engage even though there may have been enough light for a photo without it. As the DSLR camera has a larger sensor and the aperture can be set manually, they can take quality photos in almost any light setting.